Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Levi's 50's Preschool Program

Despite his shyness Levi did a super job in his 50's themed preschool program.  Dressed in his white tshirt, rolled jeans with our best attempt at a slicked to the side greaser hair-do, he danced and sang telling us all not to touch his blue suede shoes. I can't believe how fast his two years of preschool have gone by.  Unfortunately none of the preschoolers in his class will be attending the same school next year so he won't have too many familiar faces on his first day of kindergarten, yet he is already excited about the Kindergarten school year to come. 

Levi and his best buddy GONE MAD!

We saw this 50's car in the parking lot and were instantly drawn to the license plate, but also couldn't help ourselves to use it as a prop. 

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