Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Going to the Chapel

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Going to the Chapel and she's going to Married!  The countdown is on!  Only 4 more days til my little sister gets married.  This past weekend I celebrated one more wedding hoot-rah with Jill and many of her closest girl friends. 

Aimee B's Tea Room, winery hopping, party bus, biker bar and some good ole country line dancing...

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The Bridesmaids

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Because of the wedding festivities I missed my own 11 year anniversary and Father's Day!  I'm so proud to have spent the last 11 years married to my best friend and am looking forward to many more years to come!  Hopefully July will allow time for us to squeeze in a night out just to ourselves...

Jaidyn, Addy & Levi's Father's Day Interviews
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Monday, June 10, 2013

What Vacation??

We are full swing in to our summer "activities" and it is very much just that as I dare not use the word "vacation".

Track Camp (Jaidyn & Addy)
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Run Jaidyn, Run!

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Wish I had a picture of Addy in motion as her tiny little legs have some quick turnover and she was entertaining to watch in the sprinting events.

Gymnastics Camp (Jaidyn & Addy)
The camp was 4 hours each morning and with their regular scheduled classes in the week Jaidyn put in 26 hours and Addy 22.   = Worn Out!
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Jaidyn mastered the rope climb this week and has continued to do it several times since.

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Go Addy!  She is so close to the top, but gives up (in my opinion) too easily.

Papa Dave spent a day putting in a walking sidewalk beside our driveway so the kids will no longer have to pile out of the van in to the mud.  I almost felt bad that he was working at our house, but he had two wonderful tag-a-long helpers armed with a sand shovel and pail that I am sure made his time go by fast!

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Our Wonderful Dog!

Rodeo & Bull Ride Event

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When Levi found out we were going to a rodeo he did his best to dress up for the occasion!

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Headed out to join his dad mowing the lawn.  He peeled his shirt off shortly after to match his dad!
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An evening spent at DamJam with was good, food was sold out, lots of people watching to be done. 
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I meant to take this picture last month.  Levi was sick from St. Joseph the Worker Preschool the day they took pictures of the kids in their graduation caps and medals.  He is so excited about starting Kindergarten in the fall!
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The 10 day forecast shows that summer has officially arrived!  The days will be in the upper 80's and low 90's and the nights in the mid 60's.  I have already promised the kids an afternoon at our subdivision pool and they put on their swimsuits first thing this morning.  :)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Celebrating Jill

The first weekend of June was spent as a girls weekend out celebrating Jill and her upcoming marriage to Ryan.  As always it was so nice to spend time with family while spending the entire weekend at the White Mule Winery.  The weather cooperated wonderfully as the rain worked its way through the area in the very early morning hours leaving a gorgeous day to follow. I very much appreciate all those who made time out of their busy schedules to attend her wedding shower and most importantly my mom for helping to pull the event off.  Good times, good people, and good wine (too much for me as I paid the price all day Sunday)!

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Jill is loved by many!

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Food & Drink

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Wine Charm Party Favor

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Last minute Pinterest inspired sign!

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Jill and her sister in-laws

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The Guest of Honor and Me!

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Thanks Dad for walking through a soaked field to gather the flowers for the vases. :)

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If only they felt this way about each all the time!

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The night is still young!  I learned later that I am not! :)