Saturday, June 8, 2013

Celebrating Jill

The first weekend of June was spent as a girls weekend out celebrating Jill and her upcoming marriage to Ryan.  As always it was so nice to spend time with family while spending the entire weekend at the White Mule Winery.  The weather cooperated wonderfully as the rain worked its way through the area in the very early morning hours leaving a gorgeous day to follow. I very much appreciate all those who made time out of their busy schedules to attend her wedding shower and most importantly my mom for helping to pull the event off.  Good times, good people, and good wine (too much for me as I paid the price all day Sunday)!

 photo 008-2_zps0481b5e5.jpg
Jill is loved by many!

 photo 972488_10101493236464110_1210533039_n_zps646b6aad.jpg
Food & Drink

 photo 972954_10101493237062910_784182112_n_zpsc4321bf2.jpg
Wine Charm Party Favor

  photo 001-2_zps1cb24a0f.jpg
Last minute Pinterest inspired sign!

 photo 004_zpsf088d89d.jpg

 photo 973183_10101493237661710_1740542976_n_zpsd13ee9e7.jpg

 photo 005-2_zpsfae8e839.jpg

 photo 006_zps94708efc.jpg
Jill and her sister in-laws

 photo 007-2_zpsde7369e7.jpg
The Guest of Honor and Me!

 photo 0112_zps06383870.jpg

 photo 0122-1_zpse04b5db0.jpg
Thanks Dad for walking through a soaked field to gather the flowers for the vases. :)

 photo 0142_zps3e914c02.jpg
If only they felt this way about each all the time!

 photo 015-1_zpsd144cc2d.jpg

 photo 016-1_zps097823e7.jpg

 photo 017_zps14da6771.jpg

 photo 018_zpsb61cc62e.jpg

 photo 020_zps6bb089fc.jpg

 photo 023-1_zps3ece0c44.jpg

 photo 024-1_zpsff698457.jpg

  photo 025_zpsa6420305.jpg
The night is still young!  I learned later that I am not! :)

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