Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hot July Sun!

It's been several years since I have had some fun in the sand!  Wes and I couldn't have asked for a better "kid free" day...good friends, volleyball, food and beverages perfect for beating the heat! We, Team "Scared Hitless" was 3-2 on the day and in my opinion not too bad for our old selves!

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The kids enjoyed a full day of Grandma all to themselves. :)

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Nana kept our kids for a couple of days and it gave Wes and I a chance to go out and celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. It was in June, but we'll still take the chance to celebrate a month later! I did my best to experience sushi at Wes's request and ordered a vegi-roll crammed full of cream cheese. It was "good" but honestly would be nothing that I crave! Just thinking about adding raw fish inside the rolls is just YUCKY!

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Nana had a FULL agenda planned for the kids...picking blueberries, Pool, Storytime @ library with local weather anchor, and a Burger King play gym all to themselves!
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Another weekend at the lake! So nice getting to spend time with both of my siblings and parents. I love these days of summer!
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