Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dear Grandma,


Dear Grandma,
As I write this letter to you, and while it has only been a little over a day since your death, I can still hardly fathom the fact that you are gone, gone home away from us to our Heavenly Father. Right now I am feeling along with so many other family members feelings of shock, numbness and despair. And maybe some regrets from not telling you how much we love you as we never planned on it being the last time we saw you. I want you to know that I am grasping fast to the hope that we will meet again one day and embrace in hugs. I can only imagine what you are experiencing in heaven right now seeing your loved ones sent home before you and the peacefulness of being home. This time is hard because while your passing hasn't quite hit me yet, I keep stirring up in my mind so many memories I have of you.

One of the most obvious that entered my mind is food. Yes food, Grandma. We knew we could always find you in the kitchen cooking up a feast. I know that none of the other cousins believe me, but I still remember the time when you fed us chicken noodle soup with raisins in it. It was delicious and every time I mention it, they roll their eyes as if I am making it up. I haven't had it since and have never heard of anyone else putting raisins in it, but it was genius. I know you have to remember doing it. And we have also learned never to compliment your sweet potatoes as you will be bringing the entire dish to our table and serving up 2nd and 3rd scoops of it on our plates when in reality we are all trying to get through dinner just so we can get to your dessert pies as we would much rather have 2nd helpings of those. And it was always a treat when Grandma came to visit because we knew you would be bringing a loot of sugary breakfast foods consisting of danishes, coffee cakes, and white powdered donuts something that we didn't come by very often on a normal basis.

Then there was the competitive games of Bingo that you made all of us grand kids play to see who got first picks of the souvenirs that you and Grandpa brought back from vacations. I still remember the jealousy I had for my sister when she won first pick and picked the blinking light-up visor hat from Las Vegas. Then as we grew a little older you finally let us out of Bingo and we would just get to draw numbers for first picks.

And then there is "The Quilt". I don't think you realize how much pressure you put on all of us grand kids to get our quilt. You gave the constant reminder for every holiday gathering that we were more than welcome to bring a significant other with us and and by your constant hinting we know that you were prying to get any info as we were all pretty tight lipped about our love relationships. At times, we would even be trying to scheme up a way to get a boy to come with us to a family holiday jut to get our promised quilt as we weren't sure we would ever find the one who we would share our life with. Even though you set back a quilt for each of us as our wedding gift once we were married over 10 years ago, still only 2 of the 6 of us have had the luxury of receiving it from you personally. Thankfully soon, one more will join the club. And while you won't personally be there to give it, it will be a joyful reminder of how you view the special bond of marriage to another. Both you and Grandpa are the perfect example to all of us the joy of being married to your best friend. The way you pride yourself in taking care of those you love is an inspiration to all of us. And while I don't see myself cutting Wes's meat for him anytime soon, I do try and follow your example of putting my family first.

I think my absolute favorite time spent with you was the afternoon that we were all together at the lake 2 or 3 summer's ago when we rented the cabins. You brought your photo albums from the early years of you and Grandpa's courtship and marriage. Looking through those pictures and hearing stories from your dating and early marriage years were so comforting and brought several laughs to hear it through your point of view and then see Grandpa in the corner shaking his head and grinning at the same time. Thank you for sharing the history of your love with us as much of it, I didn't know.

You were never at a loss for words and we always enjoyed when you started a conversation with, "Well, I really shouldn't say this, but..." You just couldn't help yourself and therefor we were never in a position to wonder what you were really thinking. I still remember coming to your house for Christmas break and walking in the door and you stepping back a little and while looking me up and down you said, "I have been worried that you weren't getting enough to eat while away at college, but I can see that you definitely aren't having any problems." Thanks, Grandma, I love you too!! :)

Grandma, I want you to know that you have left a legacy for your grand kids and great-grand kids. Today and always we will cherish the loving memories of you and pray that they will bring us strength, comfort, and peace.

I love you! We all love you! And you will be deeply missed until we meet again.



  1. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother but it sounds like she has touched your lives in many wonderful ways. Take care.

  2. You are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Grandmothers are so special which makes it so difficult to let go. This reminded me of my grandmother, she loved to cook as well.
    Deepest sympathy,