Monday, January 23, 2012

~ I Am 100 Days Brighter! ~

Today is Addy's 100th day of Kindergarten and she is super excited about the activities planned for the school day. Addy has been counting down the days for over a week. She created a great 100th Day shirt to wear to school today drawing on it flowers, butterflies and a penguin. For her school treat contribution she counted out 100 red, pink and white M&M's by doing ten piles of ten.


Reid on the other hand maybe needs 100 days of Kindergarten, as his way of becoming "brighter" is by eating a crayon. At least he picked one that matched his outfit...
It took several brushings of his teeth to get the crayon that was caked in his new little back molars he has recently gotten. Surely everything that Crayola makes is non-toxic???


  1. Okay, could Reid be any cuter!! He is getting so big and it looks like he has a great sense of humor! It won't be long and Addy will be in Grade 1. Time passes by much too quickly!

  2. Thanks for the comment about Emma!

    I haven't been to your blog for awhile, but aww Reid is just too cute... even with the blue teeth :)

    We should get his photo up in the header!

    1. Nikki, I definitely want to get my header changed and have been wanting to get with you to do it, but I want to get a good family picture and a cute individual of each...just never seems to be time.