Tuesday, July 27, 2010



Last week I was on an early morning run when I noticed a skunk up ahead in the middle of the road circling around another skunk which had recently become roadkill. I stopped and waited until the skunk moved back to the other side of the road and looked as if it was going to carry on its way back in to the ditch. As I reached the part on the road beside the dead skunk, I saw the other skunk pop up on the opposite side of the road with it's tail standing up at full attention. So I quickened my pace just a little and the darn thing started running after me. And of course there wasn't a stick, rock or anything that I could have used to shoo it away in sight. All I could think of was that it was probably carrying rabies and that it wasn't going to attack and bite me. I turned on it and stomped at it while also yelling like it was some neighborhood dog trying to follow me. It stopped and just stared at me and as soon as I turned away to keep running it kept right at me. I turned and stomped again yelling at it. Thankfully this time it turned away. However my heart rate was sky high and it wasn't because of the pace I was running. I didn't realize skunks were so protective and aggressive. So scary...maybe I should start carring my mase. All Wes had to say was, "Surely you run faster than a skunk, they aren't very fast". Well this skunk had it's racing shoes on!!!

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