Sunday, January 23, 2011

False Alarm

Yesterday I started getting fairly routine contractions and they lasted all afternoon and in to the early evening hours so I assumed that maybe they weren't just Braxton Hicks and actually the real thing. I made it uncomfortably through church last night and I finally started getting some of those last minute things done...laundry folded and put away, dishwasher loaded, all trash taken out of bathroom, desk organized...just in case. We put the grandparents on standby so that they wouldn't be alarmed to be receiving a phone call from us in the middle of the night. I took a hot shower and laid down in bed for awhile as sometimes this is supposed to help subside the contractions...and it worked. So apparently they weren't the real thing, but they really felt like the start of the real ones, much like the ones that I experienced with Jaidyn. Maybe I am just overly anxious...:) So as of today, 9 more days until the 1st of February.

I had to beg Wes to paint my toenails so I wouldn't have ugly toes in the hospital...Big Mistake! His toenail painting skills are horrific and after two I had him get the polish remover. I ended up doing it myself and being that I can barely reach my toes they don't look good, but anything looks better than the painting they first were receiving.

ETA: Jaidyn just woke up and was extremely disappointed to see Wes and I still home. She was hoping to see one of her grandparents and getting to take a trip to the hospital this morning.


  1. Time is getting short!!!!! You guys must all be sooooo excited. I love the toenail painting story. It's very cute to see Levi watching his Dad with such wonder! Adorable!!

  2. I hope your day comes very soon!!!!