Friday, October 7, 2011

~ My Grandma ~

My grandma left this world early yesterday morning...another beautiful child of God being welcomed home to eternity in Heaven and being reunited with loved ones gone before her. We all love her so much and will miss her deeply.


My Grandma…

raised 4 children for a good portion of their lives on her own, under difficult times and in a difficult and unimaginable situation. All four have beaten the odds and are outstanding individuals who are caring, giving and have become wonderful parents, aunts and uncles and even grandparents themselves.

for years, gave a smiling face to the community of Owensville as she was the first thing customers would see as they entered the doors of Wal-mart. I remember the surprise visit my kids and I did and the initial look on her face (perhaps confused) as we got a double glance before she realized who we were.

always had an extra batch of her signature frozen Chocolate Chip cookies tucked away in the freezer in one of her green or yellow Tupperware containers as her grand kids easily demolished the ones she had placed out on the kitchen table. We were never sent home without a baggie full. And once I married Wes, she always packed a few extras in the bag for him…which always seemed to have disappeared before he had a chance to eat them, but I made him always remember to tell her how good they were so she would keep sending extras with us.

gladly attended her grand children’s most important life events – graduations, weddings, baby showers.

truly believed in the magic of Christmas as her eyes would light up equally as bright as my kids when the nursing home Santa resident made his appearance. She somehow always managed to come away with a Candy Cane too.

was great at stockpiling. She had a huge stash of holiday napkins, plates & cups. I loved when she passed some of them off as I didn’t care to use Christmas themed plates in April as it just meant an easy dinner clean-up. I’m fairly sure I have inherited both she and my mom’s frugal ways. I’m thinking she would be pretty proud of the stockpile I have going in my pantry.

had a blue retro vinyl chair in the family room that we were constantly getting in trouble with. That chair could spin at great speed and rock better than any rocking horse. And not only did the chair become our fair ride but we used it as a ladder to reach the earth globe she had sitting on top the glass shelf. That globe had great spinning action too. She was always on us to stop as she just knew we were going to break both the chair and globe. And I am pretty sure both of them survived the days of her mischievous grandchildren.

was the master of baking Lemon Meringue and Banana Cream pies. I am sure they were a “first to go” at the many bake sales and church events she provided them for. And if you have never had the opportunity of having a slice, well then you truly missed out as it was just heavenly.

My most recent favorite memory that I will forever cherish is Grandma on the dance floor in her wheel chair dancing with her kids at my cousins wedding. At that moment in my mind, time stood still…she in her pretty outfit, her perfectly manicured nails and her smile showing her contentment with life.

A beautiful woman with a huge heart has left our world. Grandma, we will miss you always but you will remain in our hearts till one day we meet again.



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