Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gymnastics Meet

Jaidyn and Addy participated in their first ever gymnastics meet on Saturday morning. I had the pleasure of bringing Reid with me all morning as Wes and the neighbor were starting in on building the bar for our basement. The neighbor has a 3 year old son so I was able to leave Levi home so that they 3 year olds could entertain each other. It is always fun trying to keep Reid contained for hours at a time. And I honestly was a little embarrassed as I had a nice crumb pile of Goldfish crackers under my chair. I think Reid did anything but put them in his mouth. Jaidyn and Addy are both in different levels so we spent the entire morning in the gym through both sessions. Jaidyn competed in the 7 year old Intermediate Division and placed 2nd with a score of 9.6. She was ousted out of the top spot by a half point. She performed her routine beautifully and even completed her front limber which she has struggled on the past couple of weeks in practice
. Photobucket Head stand roll down
 Photobucket Going into a back kickover Photobucket Photobucket Addy also had a fantastic routine. It was amazing how she performed when it came time to compete and didn't even appear to be nervous. I could barely take pictures my hands were shaking and I'm fairly sure I held my breath through both of their routines. Addy scored a 9.5 and received 1st as it was the high score out of the 5 year old Beginner Division.
 PhotobucketGoing in to a head stand
 PhotobucketPike roll down
 At the top of the pyramid with a 1st place trohpy!

 The remainder of the weekend primarily has been spent working on the bar downstairs. Our neighbors have been fantastic through it all and are very creative. We love the look of it and are excited about having the finished project. Hopefully we will be able to finish most of it up next weekend. Through the duration of the weekend I think Wes may have even acquired quite a few handyman skills (hard to believe for those that know him well).
 She begged me to help stain, but it was only about 15 minutes until she was ready for other things! Photobucket
 Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

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