Friday, April 12, 2013

Kids Spring Sports

Sunday - Tball Practice
Monday - Tball Practice
Tuesday - Gymnastics
 Wednesday - Soccer Practice
Thursday - Soccer Practice, Gymnastics
Saturday - Soccer Games, Gymnastics Meet
Sunday - Church

The kids spring sports are in full swing and the above schedule is what a typical evening looks like for our family.  Add in trying to get in practice for spelling tests, reading time, dinner and baths for four kids usually makes for a crazy evening.  And we need to factor in an occasional spring concert, a friend birthday party or a doctor/dentist/haircut appointment.  In my effort to stay organized and keep up, I had to go out and buy a new weekly planner to write down everything in because my old one was a huge mess of scribbled scheduling and I decided I needed to take the time to write a little neater and smaller in attempt to fit it all in to one block of space.  And you should see the back of our van as it has become a traveling sport locker.  Seriously, if you forget your kids shin guards or tball bat, I am pretty sure I have one stashed.  Agh!

Regardless of the hectic craziness, I LOVE watching the kids compete.

Before rushing to their afternoon soccer game, both Jaidyn and Addy participated in a local tumbling meet and both received a 1st place trophy for their routine in their age division.
 photo 032_zps6cc9a8b6.jpg

 photo 025_zpsc2c83f35.jpg

 photo 022-1_zpsa79b367f.jpg

 photo 031-1_zps384a9b0e.jpg

 photo 035-1_zpsf63c9bb8.jpg
Jaidyn &; Addy with Grandma Penny!  She was their good luck charm!

 photo 034-1_zpsb804cb2d.jpg
The girls with their #1 fan!

Addy's "Advanced #1" Routine

Jaidyn's "Advanced #2" Routine

Next weekend should be an eye opening (hopefully good) experience as they will be competing with their competitive team on Sunday near St. Louis on all gymnastics apparatus including floor, beam, bars and vault.

Wes unfortunately had to miss the girls meet as we had to split ways as Levi's first spring soccer game was at the same time.  I'm pretty sure Levi has the game of soccer figured out!  Granted their isn't a goalie in the age 3-4 age group league, but Levi's team won their game 5-1...Levi scoring 5 goals!  I told Wes to text me while I was at the gymnastics meet if he scored or did anything really good and it felt like I had a text coming through every few minutes.  :)

 photo 020_zps29e38e46.jpg

 photo 021-1_zps891bbe8c.jpg

While the girls didn't come out on the winning end it didn't keep them from getting in the middle of it all.  Addy took a shot to the face, but it didn't stop her from volunteering to be goalie the next quarter.

 photo 037_zpsf620aa79.jpg
Addy at the coin toss meeting to start the game.

 photo 040-1_zps39bfd11c.jpg

 photo 036-1_zps78bff8b1.jpg

 Earlier in the week sitting through Levi's soccer practice...
 photo 019_zps80fd7476.jpg
 photo 018_zps006777c4.jpg

Wes and I had the opportunity for a night out with great friends as their guests to the C.R.A.P (Colon Rectal Awareness Party).  It was a very nice event and it was great to see so many doctor's banding together to raise money for the cause.

I even endured my first spray tan for the event!  Yes, a friend encouraged me to suck it up and let go of all modesty for a few minutes and let someone airbrush me with cold (very cold) spray.  So please tell me how "golden" I look in these pictures!  And while the experience comes in to a close 2nd to a visit to the gynecologist, I have already scheduled another session next week before my brothers wedding. 

 photo 043_zps8c3d1238.jpg

 photo 044_zpse0c84a46.jpg

 photo 041_zps91d3f4e3.jpg

Grandma helped Jaidyn create her banner for her 1st Communion coming up in two weeks.  She had her work cut out for her with the hot glue gun as Jaidyn didn't go for a "simple" design and wanted to fit or rather cram in as many pieces from the banner kit as she could.  It does look really good and I can't believe this date that she has been preparing for all year in her Sunday morning religion class is almost here.

 photo 0152_zpsad52960e.jpg
 photo 0162_zps59c5c80e.jpg

Levi is so excited about starting Kindergarten next year. I think he is most excited about riding the big yellow bus!  Gee, I wonder how long that excitement will last? 
  photo 014-1_zps7a42a4ae.jpg

  photo 016-1_zps363a083d.jpg

  photo 015-1_zps23ef0a53.jpg

  photo 017_zpsa82cf05e.jpg

We are looking forward to next weekend and celebrating with both Jared and Carrie their (long awaited) marriage!  I'm looking forward to spending time with my most awesome relatives!  Good time to have and memories to be made! :)

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