Tuesday, April 2, 2013

State Capital & Winter Snow & Egg Dyeing

Jaidyn's "Owl" art drawing was on display during the month of March at the state capital for National Youth Art Month.  Her drawing was one of four chosen out her school to receive this recognition.  Papa volunteered (or rather was talked in to) keeping the boys all day so that the rest of us could enjoy a full day at the capital. The exhibit was really neat and it was neat to see the artwork of some REALLY talented kids in the state of Missouri!

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Nana working with Reid on mastering the potty.  He's had some successful go-abouts in the last week and is in fact wearing some Mickey Mouse themed underwear around the house (I told him I am out of diapers and he didn't have a choice).  I think he just likes reading stories with her and therefor hangs out much longer than necessary.
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 photo 028-1_zps0b336c1f.jpg

Earlier in the week the kids winter wish of snow happened!!  The girls had a 2 hour late start to the school day due to the snow and it was the perfect opportunity for building some snow friends and sliding down the hill on the side of our house with their sleds.  And they took advantage of the opportunity to get a few snowballs thrown at their dad!

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Easter egg dyeing fun with friends!

 photo 004_zps2bdf14d1.jpg

The boys all decided they wanted to be shirtless so they could be completely messy!
 photo 003-1_zps93f01f36.jpg

  photo 002-1_zpsbc322d6e.jpg

 photo 006_zpsb2b334e2.jpg
So I am pretty sure it wasn't the most exciting way to spend a birthday weekend, but Nana came to help one day with my garage sale and we got in a tiny celebration with some chocolate cheesecake and a birthday song serenade from the kids.

 photo 007-2_zps84ab100a.jpg
Jaidyn's teacher is going to be spending several weeks of July in Guatemala working with kids of the Shadows of His Wings Orphanage.  Jaidyn (and Addy helped some too) worked hard and long at her soda stand during the garage sale so that she could contribute her proceeds from the sales to her teachers trip.

My camera phone isn't working and Wes had to do all the picture taking from the Easter weekend festivities.  Hopefully, I'll have a chance to download them soon and post pictures from Easter. 

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