Friday, December 14, 2012

Holly Isn't Wearing A Halo This Week (Week 2)

It's week two with Holly Jingles the Elf and she has continued to find several ways to be a little ornery and obviously isn't wearing her halo this week. Even Reid is picking up on the fun and enjoys finding her every morning! Saturday Photobucket Apparently Holly felt the kids needed a makeover! Reid has a goatee with spiked hair! Levi has glasses, a beard and a mustache! Addy has a fro and is sporting a tatoo on her arm. Jaidyn has some glasses and is also sporting a tat! Sunday Photobucket She found the bandaids and blue must be her favorite color as she used up all of them! Monday Photobucket Photobucket Out with the old, in with the new! We think Holly has a crush on Ken Barbie! Poor little Elf boyfriend back at the North Pole! Photobucket Photobucket Is the fact that the boys spent the morning wearing mittens a sign that I need to turn up the heat a little?? Tuesday Photobucket Holly enjoyed herself with a bowl of popcorn and watching a new Christmas movie that Grandma Penny brought the kids. Wednesday Photobucket Reid was not thrilled to see Holly hanging from the star causing it to bend sideways. Photobucket Levi helping to get Holly down and return her to the doll house for the day. Thursday Photobucket Holly got some friends involved in a fun, reindeer race! Oh and Bullseye the Horse joined in the competition too! It doesn't look like his finish turned out to well. Friday Photobucket To celebrate the end of a busy holiday week, Holly used some of her magic to make some special pudding snowmen treats! Photobucket What will week three with Holly Bring? Even though she still gets in to a little trouble, I think my kids are doing a pretty good job of working with her to keep her out of trouble. :)

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