Friday, December 21, 2012

It's a HOLLY Jolly Christmas (Elf Update #3)

Holly continues to excite the kids each morning with both her silly and sweet adventures. The boys wake up first in the mornings and search out Holly first thing and it has been hard keeping her where-a-bouts from the girls as they like tattle on her doings. Only a few more days until she returns to the North Pole with Santa. :( Saturday Photobucket Holly hid amongst the holly greens. Nothing too exciting, but I think she was extremely worn out from the slumber party girls. Sunday Photobucket Was hoping this would inspire some readiness from Reid, but no such luck! Monday Photobucket The kids thought this was super funny! Reid was not thrilled as he knows that toilet paper should stay in the bathroom. It's not like he's using it right now, so I am not sure why he got all pooty pouty pants about it. Tuesday Photobucket I think Holly just might be missing Santa and her friends at the North Pole. Wednesday Photobucket A bedroom barricade! The girls were so careful to not tear it down crawling underneath it all morning getting ready before going to school. Holly didn't do a good enough job getting it low enough to the floor. She will have to work on that if she comes back next year. Thursday Photobucket Holly left the kids some surprise magic candy seeds. Friday Photobucket Overnight those candy seeds grew in to full candy canes! Yummy! Don't you just love the girls outfits for school? It is Polar Express Day and they are supposed to wear pj's and can bring a stuffed animal and blanket. They aren't supposed to wear slippers because they fall off too easily so they chose their furry warm boots. And of course Jaidyn's sleepwear attire wouldn't be complete without her sleep mask! Photobucket Jaidyn has done well in keeping up with Santa's request in his letter and has been reading lots of Christmas books to Holly. Yesterday, the boys and I spent a little time at Jump Mania to get in some exercise fun! There were only approximately 10 other kids in the entire facility the entire time we were there. It was great! This was one of the only times that I was thankful for the freezing windy weather as it kept most people at home. :) Photobucket Photobucket


  1. I hope that Holly has a wonderful year at the North Pole! We had to send goodbye wishes to our Jingles! He also had to return to the North Pole for the year!

    Thank-you for visiting and leaving a comment on my blog
    I truly appreciate your visit. I hope that you will return! I will be making frequent visits to your lovely blog as well!

    Happy New Year!

    1. Please excuse my typo it is http://wwe.mommiesandbeyond